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The choices you make about exercise today 
impact how you function later in life...

We’ve all heard the advice: “eat well and get plenty of exercise.” If being healthy were that easy, we could all pack up our kettle bells and go home. True wellness – of mind, body, and spirit – is a journey that requires knowledge, dedication, and plenty of support along the way. 

I began Certified Fitness Systems (CFS) in 1994, because I believe that everyone – from the professional athlete to the person in line at the grocery store – deserves to feel his or her best. 

Whether you’re dealing with the effects of aging and a changing metabolism, want to intensify your workouts, or are trying to reclaim your health after illness or injury, I can help. Together, we’ll set reasonable goals and help you build the self-confidence and strength necessary to attain them.

Where do we begin?
The first step is to conduct a range of motion evaluation. This helps me determine whether there are any asymmetries between the left and right sides of the body, and identify which muscles are overachievers and which need to step up their game. 

Once a personal baseline has been established, I then design an exercise plan that allows your body to adapt and get stronger at its own pace. This progressive approach limits any unnecessary stress on the joints, tissues, or nervous system, minimizing the risk of pain or injury. It’s about following the rules of your body, instead of following the rules of exercise.

My private studio is centrally located in Charlotte’s South Park area. Most of my clients work with me one-on-one, so that I can concentrate on their specific fitness needs. I also offer small group sessions and on-site training in your home or office. 

I look forward to working with you!
SOUTH PARK | 5950 Fairview Road Suite 501, Charlotte, NC 28210
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