Your body is unique. There is no other person built like you. Your personal fitness goals cannot be addressed in a class. Your body, your goals… that determines the direction of your personal training program. Unfortunately there is fitness advice out there that may benefit one, but may harm another. You can have a list of goals, but if you get the wrong information, you may get hurt in your quest to reach them. Therefore it is necessary to have an exercise professional that has the knowledge and understanding to design an exercise program that is right for you, while respecting your body. I believe in a thorough evaluation of where you are presently, what your goals are and what your limitations may be. I will work to develop an exercise program that is distinctive to what will work best for you. It is an ongoing plan that will be constantly monitored and adjusted as we work together. ​
Personal Training
​"Leigh’s expertise in exercise physiology and the anatomy, puts him far above anyone else." - Lisa Stimmer 

The Process

Initial Consultation – This is a complimentary meeting to address questions, discuss goals, and allow us the chance to learn more about each other.

Initial Evaluation – For the purpose of evaluating possible asymmetrical limitations in range of motion between the right and left sides, as well as any accompanying muscle weakness. This is necessary to ensure that the prescribed exercises fit within current physical capabilities.

Training Options

Individual Training - A private session based on the results of your initial evaluation and your personal goals. I will focus on any visible muscle weakness as well as areas of concern and implement exercises to address both.

Semi-Private Training (2-4 people) - This an ideal option for those who enjoy a small group atmosphere and do not require the specialized attention of a private session. 

Home or Office Training - I am available to come to your location. Resistance training equipment will be provided if needed. 
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